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Thompson School Council

Who We Are

The Thompson School Council includes parent representatives, teacher representatives, and the school principal.

What We Do

The Thompson School council includes parent representatives, teacher representatives, and the school principal.  It was first established in 1994 in response to the Massachusetts Education Reform Law of 1993 which mandates the formation of such councils in all public schools.
Our mission is to assist the principal in identifying educational goals for the school, create a School Improvement Plan which addresses these goals, and represent and discuss teachers’ and parents’ school-related interests and concerns to the principal, in an advisory capacity.
The School Council gives parents the opportunity to shape school policy by giving them an equal voice — along with teachers, the principal and community partners — in school decision making. This can happen in one of two ways:
  1. Communicating to Council via parent or teacher representatives;
  2. Attending a Council meeting oneself — as any parent is welcome to attend any meeting. See ‘Communicating With Council Representatives’ below.
School Council does not make school policy and has no authority to make policy decisions. We are representatives, and we advise the principal through discussions at Council meetings. In addition, Council is not a forum for discussion of personnel issues, which should go directly to the principal.

When We Meet

Meetings are scheduled for 2015-16 at 7 am for:
  • Dec 16th
  • Jan 20th
  • Mar 16th
  • Apr 15th
  • May 18th
  • June 15th

Minutes 2014-2015


Current Members

  • Karen Donato

Teacher Representatives

  • Kate Caplin
  • Susan Bisson
  • Laura McKenney
  • Amanda McNulty
  • Dan Allen
  • Siobhan Foley
  • Chrisna Chevalier
  • Jeanne Orlando
  • Christine Brayfield

Parent Representatives

  • Kerry Austin-Smith
  • Reebee Girash
  • Sarah Glover
  • Erin Goodman
  • Carmen Henriquez
  • Laurie Johnston
  • Jess Leber
  • Greg Watt